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All about KM with Sandra Thoresson

29 August 2018

Knowledge Manager Sandra Thoresson has worked in KM for ten years. But what does KM mean? And what is it like to work in KM at Hannes Snellman?
KM stands for knowledge management, and it consist of how companies keep, utilise, and transfer their inherent knowledge. According to Sandra, KM at Hannes Snellman can be summarised as the process of streamlining the flow of information to our clients and between co-workers. This includes everything from internal education, intranet, templates, news monitoring, subscriptions, and other online services. If utilised correctly, KM can decrease time spent on certain assignments, which in turn increases time spent on billable work.

What are the challenges of working in KM? How has KM changed in time?
The main challenge is saving lawyers’ time and creating a culture that favours the sharing of information and knowledge. Even though KM is favourable to the organisation, the need is often the most pressing in our different client projects. There is significant development within KM going on where AI is expected to affect how we process information in the future.

Sandra notes that knowledge is perishable and emphasises the importance of aspiring to learn more even after graduation from university.
There is everything from online courses to TedTalks. Here at Hannes Snellman, we have Hannes Academy, where the different business areas take turns indulging us in recent developments in their respective fields. We also have speakers’ nights to which we invite external inspiring lecturers. We encourage our employees to attend different kinds of tailored education programmes.

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