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As an Associate Trainee in the Finance Team

What types of matters does the Finance team handle?
The Finance team mainly works with finance-related transactions and regulation-related matters. Typically, transactions are associated with corporate acquisitions or companies’ own financing needs. A typical client in transactions is an industrial operator, bank, or private equity operator, and in regulatory investigations a foreign finance institution. The team cooperates a lot with colleagues in Stockholm, and secondments between the two offices are common. It is particularly easy within the Finance team, because financing laws and documentation are often similar worldwide. Clients are also international, and the client can also be a foreign law firm.

The Finance team works with the M&A, Real Estate, and Environment teams depending on the transaction. In practice, finance matters are customised to the client’s needs, and matter documents are often based on at least partially standardised documents, which is distinctive for finance matters.

What are a trainee’s tasks in the Finance team?
Different transaction-related tasks and investigations are a part of a trainee’s tasks. The trainee assists lawyers with drafting transactions documents, especially documents related to main contracts, like minutes and other current matters. The trainee also participates in the signing and closing of transactions. Investigations can be anything in the area of finance, and often the investigated topic is something that has not been investigated before, and you have a change to engross in a new topic.

Trainees in our team do not usually do translations, because the office’s translation team or sometimes an external translation provider is responsible for that. The trainee takes part in team meetings and other team activities, especially the team’s internal training and events. Like others in the team, the trainee also has a chance to give training to others. When it comes to documentation, the main language is English.

What qualities does your team value in a trainee and when recruiting a trainee?
Especially a genuine interest and excitement towards finance and transactions alongside with motivation to learn new things are highly appreciated in a trainee. Of course, previous experience, relevant studies, or business degrees are an advantage. Fluency in English is important, since a lot of the documentation is in English, and other language proficiency cannot hurt either. Usually, projects are handled with other members of the team, so cooperation skills are important.

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