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As an Associate Trainee in the Real Estate Team

What types of matters does the Real Estate team handle?
The Real Estate team works mainly with real estate transactions and development projects. The team also assists clients with current matters, such as lease agreements and other documents. Real Estate works closely with other teams, especially with the Finance team. Because of the general economic situation, Real Estate has had many transactions within the last few years.

What are a trainee’s tasks in the Real Estate team?
A trainee’s work description is very versatile. The tasks include assisting with due diligence reports, drafting legal documents, such as minutes, drafting notices to the Patent and Registration Office, doing different investigations, assisting with signing and closing preparation, and doing translations. The aim is that trainees get to experience a project from the beginning to the end. The trainee also participates in weekly team meetings and other team activities.

What qualities does your team value in a trainee and when recruiting a trainee?
Especially attentiveness, initiative, flexibility, positive attitude, and genuine interest towards transactions are appreciated. Meticulousness, precision, and courage to bring out your own perspective are essential qualities as a trainee, alongside with the ability to adjust to new situations fast.

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