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Behind the Scenes

24 November 2019

In the Behind the Scenes series, we followed the daily life of our colleagues at the Helsinki office over a course of one and a half weeks. In the series, our employees challenged one another to share their day with us on Instagram.

Heikki Vesikansa
Partner, Tax
3 years at Hannes Snellman

Heikki challenged Jenni…

Jenni Heurlin
Associate, Competition & Procurement
2 years at Hannes Snellman

Jenni challenged Outi…































Outi Talola
Translation Service Manager
12 years at Hannes Snellman

Outi challenged Risto...

Risto Ojakoski
Associate Trainee, Employment
2.5 months at Hannes Snellman

Risto challenged Sonia…

Sonia Elg
Legal Assistant, IP & Technology
4 years at Hannes Snellman

Sonia challenged Heikki…

Heikki Majamaa
Counsel, Finance
12 years at Hannes Snellman

Heikki challenged Sini…

Sini Asikainen
HR Manager
17 years at Hannes Snellman

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