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Colleague to Colleague: Elina & Katri

7 January 2022

KM Coordinator Elina Aulis and Legal Assistant to Managing Partner Katri Heino have both been working at Hannes for about 20 years. During their years at Hannes, they have also become friends. Last year, Elina moved on to new challenges at Hannes and started working as a KM coordinator in our Tech & Innovation Team after working as a legal assistant in our M&A Team for eight years, so to mark the occasion, we asked Elina and Katri to share each other’s best qualities — as colleagues and as friends.

Cultured, Professional, and a Close Friend

Hannes Snellman has excellent assistants, and Katri most certainly is one of them. As a colleague and as a friend, Katri has vastly contributed to my professional development by leading with her example. She approaches each matter or task at hand calmly, professionally, and discreetly. Being exceptionally knowledgeable, Katri is always able to get a grip on the overall picture. She is also easily able to adopt different roles according to what is required; she can even act as a “dramaturge” if need be and always takes true ownership for everything she does. These are all qualities I aspire to have myself, and needless to say that I have learned a lot from her. On more than several occasions Katri has helped me to recall what is essential in my role as an assistant, and as a friend, she has especially taught me to look at things from more viewpoints than one. As I have now moved on to new challenges and a new role at Hannes Snellman, I feel very fortunate to be able to count on her advice and support first and foremost as a close long-time friend but also as a colleague.

True Professional with a Great Sense of Humour

As a colleague, Elina is a true professional who never leaves others in trouble. She is always ready to help, whatever the situation may be. She is very thorough in her work and will not give in before she has an answer. Elina is eager to constantly learn new things and has an open mind towards new programmes and innovations. She is always the first one to take them into use. As a person, Elina is admirably open and sociable. She immediately finds common ground with everyone and makes you feel at ease. Inclusive atmosphere is one of Hannes Snellman’s core values, and Elina truly represents it. She always takes others into account and makes sure no one feels left alone. Elina’s secret weapon is her great sense of humour; there is never a dull moment with her! As friends, we value many of the same things in life, and I feel extremely lucky to have Elina both as my colleague and as a friend on whom I can always count.

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