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Colleague to Colleague: Heidi and Johan

17 June 2021

Partner Johan Aalto and Communications Manager Heidi Heinänen both work in Hannes’s Corporate Citizenship Team. Heidi and Johan have worked together on corporate citizenship and sustainability matters for a few years, and we asked them to describe each other’s strengths in Hannes’s corporate citizenship work.

Grasping the Essential

“Corporate citizenship and sustainability are features of a modern law firm which require you to go outside of your comfort zone and think outside the box. This is not necessarily an easy task for all lawyers. Hence, it has been paramount to have Heidi acting as the “secretary general” for the CC work. Heidi is a good listener and grasps the essence of my – sometimes somewhat vague – “thinking outloud” monologues. She has the ability to convert the broad lines into a detailed action plan and understand the need of “walking the talk”, which is sometimes forgotten in this context.  Heidi is very fast in forming her opinion – and what she does not expressly say, you can certainly see it in her body language, adding necessary dynamics into any discussion. The work of the CC team is broad and involves a number of cooperation partners ranging from the United Nations to the organisers of Suomi Areena. What I believe all people working with Heidi appreciate is her sense of humour and the fact that she approaches even the most demanding issues with a twinkle in her eye.”

Brings Along Different Viewpoints

“Johan has a huge amount of experience in the field of law, which makes him an excellent person to lead Hannes’s Corporate Citizenship Team. What I really appreciate in our cooperation is his broad viewpoint: Johan has an ability to look at things from many different perspectives, and just when I think I have thought about the matter at hand from all possible angles, Johan usually adds at least one more viewpoint to the discussion. In addition to the assignment work, it is very clear that Johan is also very committed to Hannes’s corporate citizenship and sustainability efforts, and he truly sees the importance of the topic for our firm and employees. As a colleague, he is always ready to listen to other people’s views and makes sure that in our CC team’s meetings everyone’s voice is heard. You can always share your ideas and views with Johan, even if they are opposite to his, and have a good discussion. I really appreciate having Johan as my colleague in our corporate citizenship work, and I am sure that all our CC team members feel the same way.”

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