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Colleague to Colleague: Meri & Pauliina

14 January 2022

Associate Pauliina Sutinen from our Finance Team and Associate Meri Dahlqvist from our Competition & Procurement Team are not only colleagues but also friends. The duo regularly tests their friendship on the padel court, but so far, the friendship blossoms as well as ever. That is why we asked Pauliina and Meri to share each other’s best qualities as colleagues and as friends.

Talented Colleague and Trustworthy Friend

Meri is my go-to competition law colleague with special expertise in public aids, but she is also a good friend of mine. Every time I have competition law-related questions, I will turn to Meri. Meri is a true professional,  willing to help everyone, and goes straight to the point. Besides work-related matters, we will always find time catch up on other matters as well. Meri is also active in Hannes’s floorball team, and we have had many tough floorball matches during our time at Hannes (and hopefully more to come soon).

I first got to know Meri during a traineeship in another business law firm, and after that, both of our career paths have led to Hannes, in addition to friendship. I was extremely happy when I heard that Meri was also joining Hannes as an associate. We regularly spend time together out of the office as well, playing padel or tennis, for instance, and I also had the pleasure of attending Meri and her husband’s lovely wedding last autumn. Meri is a trustworthy and honest friend, and I am glad that we can support each other on work and private life-related matters.

Builder of Team Spirit Both In and Outside of Work

Pauliina and I met while still students, and we immediately became friends. Although Pauliina works within the field of finance and financial services regulation, we both share an interest in competition law and regularly exchange views on recent competition law news and developments. As a colleague, Pauliina is very determined and ready to tackle any challenges. When I need advice from our Finance Team, I usually consult Pauliina first because, thanks to our friendship, our communication is very straightforward and any problem gets solved efficiently. With her positive attitude and active participation in Hannes’s sports events and other activities, Pauliina also has a vital role in building team spirit at work.

Besides being a great colleague, she is a good friend. If we are not playing sports together, we typically go out for brunch or dinner and discuss everything under the sun. It is great to have a friend with whom you can share the joys and sorrows of work but also other parts of life.

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