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Colleague to Colleague: Petra & Edil

21 January 2022

CR Assistant Petra Komppula and HR Trainee Edil Osman both work in Hannes Snellman's support functions. They have been working together for a year now after Edil started as a trainee in Hannes Snellman's HR Team at the beginning of 2021. The duo mainly works together with employer branding and social media and have learned a thing or two about each other during the past year. To mark the one-year milestone, we asked Petra and Edil to describe each other's best qualities.

Sociable and Creative Multitasker

Everybody should have a colleague like Edil, who is extremely energetic, sociable, and above all things, fun to work with. She always knows the latest news about our employees, whether they have started yesterday or 20 years ago. Edil has a very helpful attitude, and she is always up for learning something new, which I really admire. What is special about Edil is her amazing ability to come up with creative ideas very quickly and make others around her excited about the tasks in question. I would also describe her as a multitasking superstar — she seems to have so many simultaneous tasks under perfect control! Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, we have not been able to work together face-to-face that much, yet still I have noticed how Edil never fails to make her co-workers smile even in these strange times of online meetings. Edil is an invaluable team member — our social channels and student events would not be the same without her efforts.

A Positive Colleague Who Is Always on Top of Everything

Petra is definitely a colleague you can rely on. She always takes care of things as agreed and is often one step ahead. In addition, you could describe Petra as a social media wizard, since she is always aware of new updates and is great at using different social media platforms. For a person who might not be as well up to date on the newest changes (read: me), it is a true blessing to have a colleague like Petra.

I am absolutely a Petra fan. Petra is a positive and easy-going person to work and spend time with. It is easy to talk to her about anything. Moreover, if most people have days when they are not completely "on the ball", I have never seen that from Petra. She is always on time, well-prepared, and professional — and has a great look as well! It is a pleasure to work with her, and I am sure that our other colleagues think of her in the same way.

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