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Corporate Citizenship at Hannes Snellman - Mannerheim Foundation

31 July 2019

Our second story reflects on the pro bono work we have done for the Mannerheim Foundation. Partner Klaus Ilmonen and Associate Trainee Robert Gordin have been closely involved in the project, and you can read what they had to say about it below. Hannes Snellman has been advising the Mannerheim Foundation on a pro bono basis since its incorporation. Over the years, the working group at Hannes Snellman has been led by Hans G. Snellman, Johan Snellman, and, most recently, by Klaus Ilmonen. The composition of the team has varied throughout the years and consisted of, for example, lawyers, associate trainees, and assistants. One of our associate trainees, Robert Gordin, has been actively involved in the Mannerheim Foundation’s matters during the past year. Below, you can read about the nature of the pro bono work he has been involved in.

What kind of legal matters have you worked with for our pro bono client the Mannerheim Foundation? 
My work has mainly consisted of assisting Klaus with both the daily matters relating to the foundation along with more specific project assignments, which tend to pop up from time to time. I have carried out certain applications and reports relating to the operations of the Mannerheim Museum, taken care of different governance aspects of the foundation, and worked on various agreements relating to the foundation together with my team.

What has been the most surprising or challenging issue you have faced when handling matters for the foundation?
Overall, the most challenging part has been the multidisciplinary nature of the matters. I have had to broaden my knowledge in many fields of law in order to tackle the assignments that we have faced. We work with governance and regulatory matters,  conservation issues, IPR, and contractual matters. This does, however, provide the opportunity to work with many different groups at Hannes Snellman, which has definitely been rewarding and fun. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working on matters for the foundation.

How would you describe the significance of pro bono work to yourself?
The foundation has an important function, and the Mannerheim Museum maintains national heritage and is also an employer. Doing work for the foundation has been a great opportunity to really challenge myself and complete rather large assignments individually. I have also been able to work with various groups and learn more about their specific areas of expertise. Moreover, it has been a nice counterbalance to other assignments I have worked on, as I have been able to do something that has been almost completely different from other assignments I have completed during my traineeship. It has also been very rewarding to see the significance of my work on a daily basis.

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