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Get to Know Us | Hannes Snellman’s Corporate Citizenship Team, Part II

9 June 2020

Our corporate citizenship means the realisation in practice of our firm’s and employees’ fundamental professional values. Our staff forms the basis of this work, and we continuously cultivate and develop our role in this area. We have a diverse corporate citizenship team, whose responsibility it is to coordinate our sustainability and corporate citizenship work.

We had a chat with our corporate citizenship team members to find out what they think about their work as a part of the team, what are their top priorities, and how corporate citizenship work is present in their everyday life. In the second part, you will meet Heidi Heinänen, Martin Rifall, and Annika Schauman.


Martin, how are corporate citizenship and sustainability themes seen in client work?

"If they are not already, corporate citizenship and sustainability will most definitely be staple goods in the future. In order to continue to be a successful business, we need to show that we are proactively working with and managing these issues. When working in assignments, this can be done by our choice of external experts (where we can have clear demands on our cooperation partners), our choice of meeting form (why fly, when we can meet via a video conference?), our pro-bono work and donations, our invoicing principles and methods (are physical paper invoices really necessary?), and our client intake procedure (are there certain companies that we do not want to be associated with?). There are many small details that we can improve and fine-tune in order to be even better situated to meet the demands of the clients of the future."

Martin Rifall, Partner


Annika, what does it mean to you to be part of Hannes Snellman’s corporate citizenship team?

"I feel that at Hannes Snellman, we have not only a responsibility but also a great opportunity to truly make an impact on our society. I am very proud and excited to be a part of the corporate citizenship core team, and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve by bringing in the entire firm with all our tremendous employees."

Annika Schauman, Senior Associate


Heidi, can you mention some examples of the kind of corporate citizenship actions Hannes Snellman has recently taken?

"On a yearly basis, we do quite a lot of different corporate citizenship activities - we do pro bono work, we work to raise funds for charitable causes, and participate in a number of foundations that promote culture, education, and social matters. We also contribute to the society by participating, for instance, in the development of legislation. One of the recent projects we did together with our staff was supporting disadvantaged children by participating in the “Jokaiselle lapselle lounas” campaign (Lunch for Every Child). Our staff had a chance to donate part of their lunch benefit for the charity collection, and the firm doubled the amount. We managed to help more than 100 families in need. It was a fantastic joint effort by our people, our firm, and Venner, who organised the collection."

Heidi Heinänen, Communications Manager


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