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Get to Know Us | Hannes Snellman’s Corporate Citizenship Team, Part III

16 June 2020

Our corporate citizenship means the realisation in practice of our firm’s and employees’ fundamental professional values. Our staff forms the basis of this work, and we continuously cultivate and develop our role in this area. We have a diverse corporate citizenship team, whose responsibility it is to coordinate our sustainability and corporate citizenship work.

We had a chat with our corporate citizenship team members to find out what they think about their work as a part of the team, what are their top priorities, and how corporate citizenship work is present in their everyday life. In the third part, you will meet Tommi Kovero, Linnea Lehtonen, and Maria Orrgard.


Maria, what theme would you like to promote in Hannes Snellman’s corporate citizenship work in the future if you had to pick just one?

"I think all parts and themes in Hannes Snellman’s corporate citizenship are important, but if I could highlight one, I think that the requirements from clients and external parties in relation to sustainability will in the future play a prominent role. More and more clients demand that the law firm that they use complies and incorporates sustainability in its business model, and I think Hannes Snellman is and it should be in the forefront in relation to this. On the other hand, I think it is important that Hannes Snellman as a law firm also puts pressure on external suppliers that they have in place and that they comply with such policies."

Maria Orrgard, Counsel


Tommi, why did you decide to join Hannes Snellman’s corporate citizenship team?

"I wanted to devote more of my time for contributing to common causes and Hannes’s Corporate Citizenship Team with its extremely talented members felt like an excellent opportunity for this.

More acutely, I have followed the discussion around profit-seeking companies’ fundamental purpose for a few years now, and we seem to be heading towards a direction where corporations are expected to take on more responsibility as a result of their increased influence in the shaping of societies. I genuinely believe that in the future, the private sector will be assuming a more altruistic role than before in solving the existential challenges of our time, such as the climate change and inequality. This is in the corporations’ own long-term interest as well. We lawyers have an important part to play in this evolution, and I am eager to bring up some of my thoughts on the matter."

Tommi Kovero, Associate


Linnea, what does it mean to you that your employer is active on corporate citizenship front?

"Hannes Snellman is in a great position to make an impact for the benefit of the community and society because of our know-how, our business, and our role in the society, and I personally feel that it is very important that this opportunity is taken. It is also great that my employer can serve as an example to others on the corporate citizenship work."

Linnea Lehtonen, Associate


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