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Get to Know Us | Hannes Snellman’s Corporate Citizenship Team, Part IV

23 June 2020

Our corporate citizenship means the realisation in practice of our firm’s and employees’ fundamental professional values. Our staff forms the basis of this work, and we continuously cultivate and develop our role in this area. We have a diverse corporate citizenship team, whose responsibility it is to coordinate our sustainability and corporate citizenship work.

We had a chat with our corporate citizenship team members to find out what they think about their work as a part of the team, what are their top priorities, and how corporate citizenship work is present in their everyday life. In the third part, you will meet Aaron Fagerholm, Maria Wasastjerna, and Valerie Wårvik.


Aaron, which themes are especially important to you in corporate citizenship work?

"I tend to segment the different themes of corporate citizenship work with the help of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Personally, I feel strongly for the SDG 16 (“Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions”). Protecting and promoting rule-based order, rule of law, and strong institutions should be on the agenda of every law professional."

Aaron Fagerholm, Associate


Maria, what kind of themes are especially close to your heart in the corporate citizenship work at Hannes Snellman?

"The themes that are especially close to my heart relate to diversity and inclusion (D&I), as well as sustainability and climate change.

When working on D&I initiatives at Hannes, I think it is important that we look at diversity beyond gender equality, and tune in the importance of inclusion, which is basically about all of us at Hannes feeling that we can actually be ourselves and speak our mind. This is closely connected to psychological safety and empathetic leadership, as well as our firm’s communication and discussion culture.

In addition to D&I, I have an interest in sustainability and climate change topics that was awoken during my PhD work on competition policy and the growing importance of non-price parameters. On the whole, I am really excited to contribute to Hannes’s engagement with sustainability themes and to coming up with different ways of making impact."

Maria Wasastjerna, Partner


Valerie, you have been involved in pro bono projects. Can you share some thoughts on that work?

"Hannes Snellman has a strong tradition of handling pro bono assignments, and there are many opportunities available, which is why it was easy to get involved in the firm’s pro bono projects. In my view, with pro bono work, we are truly able to make an impact, and I find the pro bono work really rewarding in many ways: while you are doing good for the society, you can at the same time broaden your knowledge and understanding of the different fields of law. Also, the pro bono work makes a nice change to your normal daily work."

Valerie Wårvik, Associate


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