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Get to Know Us | Toni Malminen, Counsel, Competition & Procurement, Helsinki

2 October 2019

When did you start working at Hannes Snellman?

After graduating from Yale Law School in 2007, I decided to join private practice, eventually accepting Hannes Snellman’s offer. Before embarking on my LL.M. studies at Yale, I had worked for the government in addition to being a doctoral candidate at the University of Helsinki (I eventually graduated Doctor of Laws in 2016).

What is included in a “normal” working day?

I practise competition and public procurement law, specialising in merger control, compliance, and public procurement proceedings before the Market Court and Supreme Administrative Court. My regular day-to-day work consists of client correspondence and meetings, reviewing agreements and various commercial documents, drafting legal briefs and memoranda, managing merger control projects, and corresponding with various authorities and counterparties in Finland and abroad. In addition, I train both clients and students in legal matters. In 2018, I was also appointed Professor of Practice in competition law and legal advocacy at the University of Eastern Finland.

As of December 2019, I will begin a 1-year sabbatical to write a series of studies on the impact of economics on competition law, ultimately constituting my second doctoral dissertation (this time in business administration).

On Toni’s community involvement and co-operation with Finnish universities, see his interviews on the websites of the University of Helsinki, Lakimiesuutiset, and Res Judicata (pp.16-19).

Can you describe your working group?

Hannes Snellman’s competition law practice comprises some 20 lawyers in Helsinki and Stockholm (we closely co-operate with our litigation team as well). The team is diverse and ambitious, with several lawyers active in teaching, scholarship, and professional societies (in addition to client work, of course).

What are the professional advantages of working at a major law firm?

It provides a great platform for professional development, as big law firms are retained for major, professionally intriguing assignments. Such firms also have wide and deep talent pools.

Why would you recommend lawyers and law students to apply to Hannes Snellman?

Law firms such as ours operate in an increasingly international environment, offering a welter of professional opportunities for law students and lawyers with a business-minded, cosmopolitan outlook. We value diversity and, thus, encourage all interested law students and lawyers to apply.


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