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Get to Know Us | Josephine Lindgren, Associate, Employment, Stockholm

8 October 2019

Why did you start to work with us?

When I was studying a special course in capital markets law at Stockholm University, we had seminars at Hannes Snellman, and I immediately got a very positive impression of the pleasant and humble environment. I then wrote my thesis on labour law and noted that Hannes Snellman’s Employment team was looking for an associate. I applied for the position and, in retrospect, I am very pleased with that decision!

What does your team work with?

From a labour law perspective, it is clear that many companies are preparing for an economic slowdown. This is shown, among other things, in the planning for and initiation of reorganisations of various kinds, such as downsizing companies and structural redeployments. The handling of such cases is, as usually is the case in labour law matters, challenging because we have private individuals on the opposing side whose employment is affected by the companies' decisions. This means that our cases are often of a sensitive nature and raise other considerations than just legal and commercial ones. This is also one thing that makes labour law such an exciting and dynamic area of ​​law.

What kind of workplace is Hannes Snellman?

What characterises us is that we are not a very hierarchical workplace. It is demonstrated in the way we are given responsibility and client contact early, and therefore, everyone gets the opportunity to build their own client relationships. In addition, you get a lot of say in your work schedules through flexible working hours and the opportunity to work remotely, which improves the balance between working life and private life.

Could you tell us something more about working at Hannes Snellman?

In addition to working together, we have many social activities, such as skiing trips, training groups, and after work events. There are also many dog ​​lovers at the office, so four-legged visitors are not a rare sight.

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