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Get to Know Us | Klara Hasselberg, Law Student Trainee, Private M&A, Stockholm

31 May 2021

Klara Hasselberg works as law student trainee at Hannes Snellman’s Stockholm office. Klara started her law studies at Stockholm University in January 2018. We asked her some questions about her experiences of working at a law firm as a student.

You will start your 7th term of law studies at Stockholm University after this summer. When did you decide that you are going to study law at university? Was it an easy decision or did you have many other options in mind?

I started studying when I was 22. I was tired of working in a restaurant, but I was unsure of what I wanted to do instead. When I applied, I did not know what to expect, I just decided to give it a try. It took me only a few weeks to realise that I really liked studying law; the decision to keep studying was easier than the decision to start.

You started your traineeship four months ago. Why did you choose to do your traineeship at Hannes?

I wanted to deepen my knowledge in business law, and I was curious of what it was like to work at a business law firm. I had worked part time as an evening assistant at another firm before, but the law student trainee programme is different, as it is a full-time traineeship in a specific team. No other law firm offers this kind of work experience to students here.

You work as a law student trainee in our Private M&A Team. What types of matters does your team work with and what are some of the tasks you have had during your traineeship?

My team works with all kinds of transactions between private companies, but mostly private equity buyout investments. My tasks have varied a lot, as each transaction is different. I have been doing legal investigations to help answer questions from clients, translated agreements, and been part of due diligence processes and share issue processes, just to name a few things. An M&A deal is generally quite fast-paced, and it has been very educational and interesting to follow the complete deal process from due diligence to signing and then closing.

You will continue working at Hannes as an evening legal assistant. What made you decide to stay at Hannes?

I have really enjoyed my time here, and I see no reason not to stay! Hannes is a great law firm and working as an evening legal assistant is a good way to get a practical perspective to my studies.

What advice would you give yourself on your first day at law school and your first day working at a law firm?

Time management. Thoroughness. You cannot get a good result if you do not understand the assignment. This goes for both.

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