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Get to Know Us | Krista Alanen, KM Trainee, Helsinki

9 April 2020

How did you end up as a KM trainee at Hannes Snellman?

I saw the job advertisement pop up in my email last autumn and decided to apply, as the position seemed like a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the world of an international law firm and to work with a variety of tasks and areas of law. I polished my CV and cover letter, made it to the interview, and here I am.

What was your first impression of Hannes Snellman?

The firm seemed like a great place for curious minds to work together and where no one is left alone. After a few days of working at Hannes Snellman, I came quickly to realise that I had just joined an extremely supportive, laid-back, yet hard-working group of people. My first impressions were in other words great – the warm atmosphere was extremely welcoming and new employees were greeted with open arms.

How would you describe your normal workday?

Days vary quite a bit, which is a great aspect of working as a KM trainee. However, the main structure is relatively similar from day to day. The morning starts with a brief run-through of emails and catch-up with co-workers before tackling the day’s tasks. Some days involve more routine tasks and some days are busier with more ad hoc type of research or whatever help is needed. Days always involve brainstorming with the team and often working together depending on the task. Some days involve Hannes Academy training at the office, or in the current situation, online. Some days might involve university lectures during the day, which you can and are encouraged to attend. Days always fly by quickly and as the cliché goes, the variety of tasks makes you learn something new every day.

What has been the best and what has been the most challenging part of working as a KM trainee?

The best part is divided into two: the people and the variety. Great co-workers and people at the office are most definitely the best part of your days and make you either laugh or smile on a daily basis, alongside with the variety in the types of tasks you will encounter from all areas of law. These two combined make Hannes Snellman truly a great place for a trainee.

The most challenging aspect might be that as a trainee you are trusted and given tasks from all areas of law from the beginning – types and topics of tasks vary tremendously from day to day. Especially in the very beginning this might feel a bit scary. However, there is no need to worry, as you are there to learn and develop. Quite quickly you come to realise that tackling tasks is not intimidating at all, as help is always around.

What are your top three tips for future trainees?

1. Do not hesitate to ask for help and, on the other hand, help others.

2. Do not be afraid to tackle tasks that seem too hard – everyone starts somewhere and as long as you try your hardest, there is no reason to worry beforehand.

3. Learn from your mistakes, as there will most likely be some during your traineeship. Mistakes make a great learning opportunity and they are something that every single lawyer will encounter at multiple points in their career.


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