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Get to Know Us | Maria Ybring, Reception Supervisor, Stockholm

3 June 2019

When did you start working at Hannes Snellman?

In December 2018.

What is included in a “normal” working day?

I welcome clients, take care of the switchboard, answer e-mails, book flights and hotel rooms, scan invoices, guide our evening receptionists, and much more. Basically, my job is to provide the best possible service to external visitors and my colleagues alike.

Can you describe your working group?

To my great joy, I work very close to Ellen, Patrik, and Bhupathi. I am happy to be a part of this little group – we make a great team! Ellen and I work very closely with keeping our conference rooms nice and tidy. She and I are the only ones who have our desks on the 2nd floor. Ellen is also the master of organising, scheduling, and planning. Nobody messes with her mojo… Last but not least, I would be totally lost without my heroes, Patrik and Bhupathi! They save me every day since my ability for technical stuff equals that of a five-year-old, and they are both just too polite to roll their eyes at me.

What do you like about your job?

I love the fact that I get to meet a variety of people every day.

Can you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?

I would say that it is very warm, welcoming, professional, and generous.

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