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Get to Know Us | Mia Alm, Legal Assistant, Dispute Resolution, Stockholm

3 August 2021

How did you end up working as a legal assistant?

It was actually a mere coincidence. After my graduation, I worked as a project coordinator and I was offered a job as a legal assistant at another law firm in Stockholm. Before that I had not even considered working at a law firm, but I quite enjoyed it. In 2011, I joined Hannes Snellman and have worked as a legal assistant since then.

How has the legal assistant’s work developed over the years you have worked here?

I think the work and the way of working have changed a lot over the last decade. Over time, the role of a personal assistant has changed and turned into more of a project assistant’s role with various specialised areas of knowledge. Today, I work in client projects together with lawyers to a higher extent than when I started as a legal assistant. In addition, as digitalisation has accelerated over the past few years, I can work even more smartly and effectively now as new tools and digital solutions are being introduced. 

What kinds of skills are required of a good legal assistant?

As a legal assistant, you need to be reliable, flexible, good at multi-tasking, and organised. Furthermore, you need to have the ability to find solutions and have a positive mindset.

What would you say are the best and the most challenging things about a legal assistant’s job?

One of the best things is that every day is different from the other, which, at the same time, can be the most challenging part of the job. But being able to work together as a team with amazing colleagues is definitely the very best thing about being a legal assistant at Hannes Snellman.

You are the team captain of the Stockholm football team, which competes in the annual tournament for law firms. What do you like the most about the tournament, and what is your best memory from the tournament?

The best thing is to be able to do something as fun as playing football with your colleagues, to fight together all day with a great atmosphere in the team, and to play against the other law firms. It is one of the most fun working days of the year! I have several good memories from the tournament, but the very best is probably the year when we won silver medals. To play the final at Stadion is a good memory even if it we did not make it all the way!