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Get to Know Us | Nathalie Bjerselius, Evening Legal Assistant, Stockholm

7 May 2021

Please tell us a bit about your journey at Hannes!

I have been going back and forth a bit, but in total I have spent nearly five years at Hannes now. I started working as a junior assistant in the spring of 2016. The timing was great (or maybe it was fate) because I was in the middle of a process of moving back to Stockholm after some time spent in London when a position at Hannes showed up. I worked as a junior assistant for almost a year. It was a combined role where I spent half of my time assisting the lawyers in the Finance & Restructuring Team and the other half supporting the Office Services Team.

I was then off to South East Asia for travelling and walked out of Hannes for what I thought would be the last time. Little did I know that I would be returning and continuing to work as a junior assistant for almost a year.

When I started studying human resources in 2018, I continued to work part time in the Support Team as a HR assistant. In January 2019, after two years studying HR, I dropped out in order to start studying law. I am currently on my third semester, and I am back at Hannes working as an evening legal assistant. In my current position, I work one evening a week in a very diverse role, pretty much helping out wherever I’m needed.

You started at Hannes in 2016 and have come back in several different roles. What makes you want to stay at Hannes?

Hannes is a good place to work. There’s really no better way to put it. People are very friendly and it’s the perfect size, neither too big nor too small. It’s also a social workplace with a lot of things going on besides the work.

Did your work at Hannes affect your choice of education?

I think so, yes. For me, law was not love at first sight. My brother studied law, and I didn’t want to do the same thing as he did. Although, after some time working at Hannes, law kind of “snuck up” on me. Later, we had a labour law class at the HR programme, which I truly enjoyed. I figured that at least I had to give law a try and now, one year and a half into the law programme, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

How is it combining studies with a part-time job? Can you use what you learn in school at work and vice versa?

Combining studies with a part-time job is good. I have found that the key is to plan ahead. Working obviously takes time off of my studies. However, I don’t think that is a bad thing. It gives me perspective and distance. Also, knowing that I don’t have unlimited time for my studies makes me more efficient in my studies.

Since I haven’t been in my current position for too long, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I can bring from school to work and vice versa. I would say though that work makes it easier for me to see the bigger picture in school. It has given me a different approach/mindset. When it comes to work, it’s funny that during all these years I have not understood what exactly the lawyers do. Now that I am studying, I stumble over things like ‘panträtt’, and I think to myself ‘oh, so this is what a pledge agreement is’. So, it’s a process of learning in reverse order.

What would you say to students interested in a trainee position at Hannes Snellman?

Go for it! Based on my experience, school as such very easily gives you tunnel vision. Therefore, I find it very important to have something else besides your school. It could be anything really. The ups of this “something”, i.e. in my case being a trainee at Hannes, is that you gain experience and have fun while doing it. It’s also a very long education so I think it is good to start exploring early on during your studies the different possibilities you have to get a glimpse of what life post-school could be like.

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