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Greetings from Alumni: Piia Kumpulainen, Chief Communications Officer at Posti Group Oyj

23 September 2020

We interviewed our alumna Piia Kumpulainen, who works as a chief communications officer at Posti Group Corporation, about her career path and what she remembers about her years at Hannes Snellman. Piia first joined our M&A group as an assistant in 1998, and during her 9 years in the firm, she worked in various positions. Piia’s last position at Hannes Snellman was a substitute for the client relations manager in our Client Relations team.

Hi Piia, how are you – did you have a nice summer vacation?

Thank you very much for asking, I had a very nice summer vacation. We travelled in Finland with the family.

Do you remember what your very first day at Hannes Snellman was like in 1998?

I remember that everyone was very friendly, and I felt warmly welcomed into the Hannes Snellman family. I also remember that the atmosphere was very energetic and professional. I was in my twenties when I started at Hannes Snellman, and my friends asked if it was similar to a popular television series at the time, Ally McBeal. Unfortunately, I had to disappoint them.

Has the law firm background helped you during your career?

I think that it has helped me especially in the following things: being able to see the big picture while not losing sight of the case at hand, working effectively under pressure, adapting easily to new situations, and remembering that devil is in the details.

You have worked as a communications director at Marimekko, and you currently work as a chief communications officer at Posti Group. Have you done any active career planning, or how have these opportunities come to you?

No, I haven’t done any active career planning. I believe that when you try your best, take responsibility, and are genuine and not afraid of challenges, the opportunities will follow.

Your last positions at Hannes Snellman was in the Client Relations team. What was the most important lesson you learnt during your time with the team? How about the best memory?

My team leader at the time had an uncompromising service attitude. It was probably the most important thing I learnt from her. My best memories definitely relate to the team spirit. We worked hard but we also laughed a lot. At the time, it felt really difficult to leave the Hannes Snellman family, but I am grateful for all the great people I got to know during those years. You set the bar high, but I have been fortunate also from then on. What I value the most in work life is good colleagues and doing things together.

What advice would you give yourself on your first day working in business support at a law firm?

Human-to-human approach works in all situations. Believe in yourself and relax a little – failure is only a delay.