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Greetings from Richard

2 August 2018

It is the beginning of August, and the summer is starting to come to an end for most people. However, it is only just starting for others. We are checking in with Richard, who is a partner in the Private M&A group.

Hi Richard, what are your plans for this summer?
I am not a big fan of the beach, but I thrive in the sun as long as I get to be in the saddle. In addition to cycling for miles and miles for exercise, I am also going to attend a number of races abroad and in Sweden, both on my road bike and on my mountain bike.

To most, cycling is a hobby or a pastime, but not to Richard.
Do not for a second get the impression that cycling is a hobby. A hobby is just a way of staying mildly amused while trying to make the days pass. Cycling is pain, and cycling is joy. No other sport is such a visual representation of the woes and triumphs of life. The rower spends his time moving backwards, while the cyclist’s focus is always forwards, and often upwards.

While we still have Richard on the line, we squeeze in an inquiry about what the autumn will bring.
Autumn will bring a lot of excitement. To the world, to Europe, to Sweden, and to Hannes Snellman. The M&A market is blooming, but there are also worries looming around the corner, not only for the M&A market but also for the global economy and democratic society. It is certainly worrying. Oddly enough, the Swedish election brings the least excitement. Big political swings are highly unlikely even though the formation of the government is problematic and the end product seems to be weak. What means a great deal more to our part of the world and to the global economy is the rebirth of protectionism, Brexit negotiations, and the weakening of China.

Thanks for the chat Richard, we wish you and everyone else a pleasant summer!

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