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"I would describe the culture as laid back, warm, and welcoming"

31 May 2018

Sanna Johansson, Marcus Lehtinen, and Emma Andersson took a break from their studies to see what working at Hannes Snellman is like. Now, they share their experiences from their time as law student trainees during the spring of 2018.

The Law Student Trainee Programme is meant for law students at the later stages of their education who yearn to find out what working for a major law firm is like. The programme lets you join Hannes Snellman for a period of four months, working full time in one of our business area groups in order to gain experience and insight into our way of doing business. During the spring, two of our trainees have been working with litigation, Sanna in Dispute Resolution and Marcus in Competition and Procurement, while Emma spent her programme in the Private M&A group working on transactions.

What is a typical day at the firm like?
Wow, a typical day… The answer I would not like to give you is that it varies a lot, but there is truth to be found in that answer. In order not to leave you with such a bland answer, I will give some examples. On an ordinary day, I would generally be drafting different legal documents or statements or conducting legal research. Time not spent in front of my computer is likely spent at meetings with colleagues or seminars and lectures provided by the firm. Some days are also spent in court. I have certainly been given the opportunity to see what it is like to be a full-time employee in the Dispute Resolution team here at Hannes Snellman.
Emma: Soon after I started in the programme, I was given assignments similar to those usually given to associate lawyers. I got to take part in the projects for real and I was given responsibilities right from the start. I have been staffed in projects both on the sell side and on the buy side, and I have mostly done work during the early phases of the projects. A typical day is spent doing due diligence, where we review documents and draft reports to guide the buyers or sellers of different companies and point out flaws and suggest solutions to problems they face when investing in or divesting different assets. What I like most about M&A is the high tempo and the insight we gain into the businesses of our clients. I have been to several events and courses alongside working full time as a law student trainee. My time at Hannes Snellman has certainly exceeded all of my expectations.

What has been the best part of your traineeship?
The fact that on my second day here, I got involved in a case regarding blockchain technology and its relation to law. I have also been given the opportunity to hold lectures about blockchain and smart contracts both internally and externally.
Sanna: This is like being asked about a favourite movie or favourite food, there are so many things to choose from! In general terms, my favourite part of working here has been meeting everyone working here and everything I have learned. Another highlight is that I got the chance to confirm my interest in dispute resolution, and the trip to the Alps was certainly one highlight as well!

How would you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?
I would describe it as laid back, warm, and welcoming. I appreciate people not being confined to separate offices but instead being close to your colleagues. It helps to add to the team spirit and makes working together on different projects easier. Everyone in my group is driven and they all work hard while still keeping a light mood in the office. I really enjoy the combination.
Marcus: Open, welcoming, and relaxed, but still professional. It is clear that everyone likes it here, which in turn contributes to the atmosphere.

Come autumn, Sanna, Marcus, and Emma will all return to Stockholm University to finish their degrees. However, we will still be seeing them a lot; Emma and Sanna will continue working alongside their studies and Marcus will be back with us as a thesis trainee. We are stoked to have them back so soon!

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