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Itai also known as the super student

12 September 2018

Itai Coleman studies at Uppsala University and has been working part time at Hannes Snellman for several years alongside his studies. He is currently employed as a thesis trainee within our IP & Tech group, and he has had time to try most positions we offer to students since he first went to law school. In this interview, Itai shares his thoughts about the different positions and what his hopes are for his career come graduation.

Itai’s desire to work for a business law firm grew strong early on in law school.
I got a good feeling about Hannes Snellman from reading about it and from meeting people who worked there during different exhibitions and other events, which led me to apply. When I started working here, I was immediately welcomed into the team and I have had several fun and rewarding positions since then. I have enjoyed it since day one and through my commitment, I have been able to contribute to the development of our student programmes.

We asked Itai to list the positions he has held over the years at Hannes Snellman and what he thinks of them.
Evening receptionist: A fantastic way into the firm, where you learn how to greet and handle clients during their visits. It is also a great way to get to know all your co-workers.
Evening legal assistant: As an evening legal assistant, you get to support the different groups with all different kinds of assignments. You get a good overview of the business areas and what working in business law is like.
Summer trainee: An educative position where you work full time on a variety of challenging assignments and get the feel for what working at Hannes Snellman is like. You get continuous feedback on your work, which helps you develop.
Thesis trainee: As a thesis trainee, you mostly work on assignments relevant to your thesis. You also get to discuss with and present ideas to experts with vast knowledge and experience within your field.

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