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Job fair season in Sweden - our best advice

9 October 2018

Autumn is job fair season at its best, which means there are many opportunities for students to meet lawyers and gain an understanding of what working as a lawyer or at a law firm is like. For Annie and Nathalie from our HR team, this is the best time of the year. The most frequently asked questions at job fairs almost always relate to recruitment; How do I write an application that stands out? How do I prepare for interviews? Now, Annie and Nathalie share their advice.

CV: Include a short summary of each of your past jobs or positions. It does not have to be a short story; two or three lines summarising your main responsibilities is plenty. The point for us reading your CV is to gain an understanding of what your previous experience actually entails. For example, the title summer trainee can mean a whole variety of things depending on which business area you work in, so specify, but keep it light.

Cover LetterMake sure to tell us what made you apply for the specific role to which you are applying. Was it the business culture, business areas, or the start of your desired career path? Let us know! Moreover, share with us if and how you have been in contact with us before, whether you came across us at a job fair, took part in one of our quiz nights, or read an article authored by one of our lawyers. We want to know what makes you see us as a potential employer.

InterviewThese days, most companies use what is called competence-based recruitment. In short, it means that the company will want to assess if you have the traits the company deems necessary to thrive as an employee. Thus, you will probably be asked to tell the interviewer about situations where you have demonstrated certain qualities and competences. A competence-based question may look something like this: “Tell us about an occasion where you had to manage multiple projects at once. How did you handle it?”. Before the interview, read through the job listing to see what traits the company is looking for in its applicants and think about how you fit the description.

Good luck!

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