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Law Student Trainee Programme in Stockholm – apply now!

23 September 2019

Embla Åkerlund was in her sixth semester in the law programme at Uppsala University when she decided to apply to Hannes Snellman’s Law Student Trainee Programme (LSTP). After studying law for three years, Embla wanted to know what it is like to work at a law firm.

I wanted to gain experience in the field and find out if it was a suitable future career path for me. Since my studies did not offer opportunities for a more practical insight into what it actually means to work at a law firm, the law student trainee programme felt like a perfect opportunity to gain such experience. I also thought that since the position was full-time during a whole semester, it would mean that I could get more involved in the work at the firm compared to other similar trainee positions available for students. The law student trainee programme was, as such, a unique chance to gain an understanding of how it is to work at a law firm.

When Embla got accepted to the programme, she suspended her studies for half a year to work full time as a law student trainee in our Dispute Resolution team. In the course of four months in the autumn of 2018, she worked on various kind of assignments.

My days could be quite different from one another. Occasionally, I did longer judicial investigations, analyses, and risk assessments. Other times I did shorter translations, revisions, and proofreading of documents. As a law student trainee, I also got to draft proposals for appeals, emails to clients, argumentation in written pleas in litigation and arbitration, and statements of proof, as well as other preparatory work before court proceedings. I also contacted authorities and courts in various matters.

What was the most fun and what surprised you?
Most surprisingly, I quickly got challenging assignments and extensive opportunities to partake in the work at the firm. It was at times challenging, but in a good way, as it helped me evolve professionally. I can use the knowledge and skills I learned during my time as a law student trainee both in my studies and my future career. The most fun was that the assignments I got to work on were very varied, which also contributed to the many experiences I take with me from my time as a law student trainee. Additionally, the atmosphere and social climate at the office was great, with a lot of activities and events with inspiring and fun colleagues.

The summer after Embla’s LSTP period, she came back as a summer trainee, once again to work in our Dispute Resolution team. She describes the biggest difference between being a summer trainee and taking part in the LSTP, saying that as a LSTP you are at the office for a longer period of time.

You properly get to be a part of the firm, since you are at the office full-time for four months, as compared to two months. During the summer trainee period, some of your colleagues will be on vacation, which means that the office is quieter, however, you still get included in and presented with challenging assignments.

Today, Embla is in her eighth semester, and alongside her studies she works as an evening legal assistant at Hannes Snellman one evening a week. Do you want to do what Embla did? We are now looking for law student trainees to join our Stockholm office in the spring of 2020. Follow this link to read more about what we offer and what we are looking for, and apply today!