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Law Student Trainees autumn 2018

5 September 2018

Alexander, Embla, and Emil, all students at Uppsala University law school, are taking a break from their studies to come and spend a semester working full time with us. This past Monday was their first day as trainees and now it is time to check in on them and how things are going. What made them apply to the law student trainee programme, and what are their expectations?

What made you decide to apply to the LSTP at Hannes Snellman?
Alexander: I wanted to get a feel for the working environment within a law firm. Unfortunately, few opportunities are given to students to get different perspectives as part of the education, so the LSTP seemed like a great way of gaining experience.
Embla: For the opportunity of learning what the profession is like day to day. The LSTP felt like a well-needed, unique opportunity to gain practical experience after three years of studying.
Emil: It is a unique opportunity to gain experience and see what working at a law firm is like. As opposed to many other trainee positions within the legal field, this one is full time for a full semester, which allows us to be more involved in day-to-day work a whole lot more in comparison.

What are your expectations for the coming four months?
Alexander: I expect to learn how the legal profession works in practice and to gain a deeper understanding of laws that regulate the transaction market.
Embla: I hope the coming months bring opportunities to see and learn how business is conducted within the firm. I also believe this to be a good first step in my career.
Emil: To learn as much as I can, get an insight into the life of a business law firm, get to know new nice people and of course have fun during the journey.

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