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Our Values: Our People

30 November 2018

This week we have been focusing on our second value, Our People. Just like last week, below you can have a look at how our employees describe that value.


“To have fun at work is very important to me, which is the reason I chose to work at Hannes Snellman. We motivate and help each other, and everyone, regardless of their position, is an important member of our team" - Anna, Associate, Stockholm
Since day one at Hannes Snellman, the value Our People has been visible in my daily work, as the cooperation between different teams and employee groups works remarkably well. By brainstorming together and helping and encouraging each other, we can reach our common goal in an inspirational and vibrant atmosphere where people learn more from one another than from any book” - Klaara, Associate, Helsingfors

“Respect for each other's knowledge and learning from each other. It also means that we are heading for the same goals and achievements” - Patrik, IT Supervisor, Stockholm

I feel like my colleagues, regardless of what projects they are working on, support me in my work and rejoice when I succeed. Little things like this are extremely meaningful in your everyday life, and it is a great pleasure to work with people who encourage you and appreciate your development as a professionalNetta, Associate, Helsingfors

“To me, the value Our People stands for an open-minded environment where we as employees at Hannes Snellman have the possibility to develop and become better professionals in our respective areas through feedback and coaching. Furthermore, it stands for a community where we encourage and support each other as well as have fun together” - Hanna, Associate, Stockholm
I have been warmly welcomed and treated as a valuable member of the work community from day one- Jenni, Senior Associate, Helsingfors
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