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Our Values - Ownership

17 July 2019

We launched a new strategy and values in the autumn of 2018. For the finale of our post series about the values, Associate Axel Resvik shares what the value “Ownership” means to him in his work.

In the past few months, ownership has been visible for me in my work in the way we handle the tasks assigned to us. It involves taking interest in each part of the business and sector of the client. By taking such ownership of the task, we are able to create additional value for the client, involving all business areas of the firm. In the office, ownership has been visible to me in the way the members of the team take ownership in supporting each other and completing the tasks with the best possible approach. It includes talking to one’s colleagues on a daily basis about their workload and current situation, and thereby finding out if there are any questions that can be answered directly by someone in the team with the relevant expertise.

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