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Senior Associate Albert on secondment in Helsinki

11 June 2019

Albert Danielsson works as a senior associate in the Finance team at Hannes Snellman’s Stockholm office. However, he has spent this spring a little differently, as he wanted to do a secondment at our Helsinki office. We sat down with him and asked him to share some of his experiences from along the way.

Why did you choose to go on secondment?
I have always enjoyed spending time in Helsinki, so I decided to do a secondment in order to get to know our other office better and learn more of another culture (and also to learn some Finnish – Terve!).

What were your expectations before coming to Helsinki?
Aside from getting to know my Helsinki colleagues better I am looking forward to springtime in Helsinki and getting to know the city better as well as visiting some of Helsinki’s many great restaurants.

How is working in Helsinki different from working in Stockholm?
Our respective finance teams already work together on cross-border transactions quite a lot, so the differences are not significant, but being on site is always an advantage when you need to discuss matters. While discussing over the phone works well, meeting face to face is always better. Most of the work is in English in both countries, so that obviously helps. The main difference is definitely the fact that I have my own separate room here in Helsinki.

What would be your tips for your colleagues planning to go on secondment in the future?
I would strongly recommend anyone to go, as there is much to learn, particularly if you are involved in a major cross-border project that will require you to have extensive contact with the other office. I would also strongly recommend Helsinki as a city. There are not a lot of administrative problems, and I have gotten some great help and advice from my colleagues in Helsinki.

How much karaoke is included in your time in Helsinki?
I have only been here four weeks and have already “sang” karaoke once but my ambition is to grow that number significantly.

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