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The first months at the Stockholm office

10 August 2018

Josephine Lindgren joined our employment group as an associate in February, so she has been with us for almost six months now. Below, she shares how her first months at the firm have gone.
My first six months have been filled with learning, and I have been able to take part in several exciting projects. Even though my expectations were high with regard to what I would be doing, I was positively surprised by how much responsibility I was given from the start. I think Hannes Snellman has succeeded well in making sure that newly hired associates get a sense of responsibility while also providing them with support from more senior colleagues. I was also happy with the flexibility of working hours and how work is conducted. I feel more in control of the work-life balance than I initially though I would. In addition to fast-paced development and varied assignments, these past months have been filled with interesting events that add to the good working environment.

What were your expectations prior to joining us?
I expected this to be an educative and fun job but also challenging, especially since I had not worked at the firm in the past and since I knew little about working here and what would be expected of me.

What made you choose Hannes Snellman?
When I went to law school, I got a good impression of Hannes Snellman, as it is a renowned firm with a modern take on the profession. I visited the firm during a course in securities law and thought there was a light and pleasant mood all round. I did not hesitate for a second when I saw the job listing.