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The return of the junior assistant

5 April 2019

Ulrika Wigart studies law, and works extra as an evening assistant at Hannes Snellman once a week. Before that, she worked full time as a junior assistant. How was that and what did she do? How come she returned to Hannes Snellman, and how is it combining studies with a part-time job?  

When you first came to Hannes Snellman, you started as a junior assistant. How was it and what did you do?
After I graduated high school I worked as a junior assistant for a year before I started studying law at Uppsala University. It was great to work here; I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I mainly worked in the Private M&A group (and some in the IP&Tech group) and got to do many different things, such as conflict searches, registering matters, printing and copying tasks, document tasks (formatting and editing tasks), archiving, contacting authorities and courts, and much more. I also worked in the Office Support group and helped with office administration, in conferences, and in the reception.

Did your work as a Junior Assistant affect your choice of education?
I actually knew that I wanted to study law before I started working here, but it definitely made me feel that it was the right choice, and to get to be in this atmosphere and see what it is like at a law firm was really inspiring and made me excited to start studying. It was a perfect job for my gap year.

How come you returned to Hannes Snellman after starting your studies?
Because of all the nice and kind people and the good, inviting atmosphere at the office.

How is it combining studies with a part-time job? Can you use what you learn in school at work and vice versa?
It is going great! I work one evening a week and that is perfect; I still have enough time to study and do all the other things I want to do, like work out and spend time with friends. I definitely get to use what I learn in school here at work, especially when we do legal research tasks. What I have learned here that I can use in school is to prioritise when I have a lot to do, to be more effective with my time, and to do things under pressure and handle that pressure.

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