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Three employees on secondment

29 October 2018

This autumn, we are happy to present our four temporary employees on secondment from our Helsinki office – Sara, Suvi-Tuuli, Janna, and Hanna-Mari, who have come across the Baltic to join us here in Stockholm. In the following interview, Sara, Suvi-Tuuli, and Janna share what made them want to come to Sweden on secondment and what have been their greatest challenges so far.

Why did you choose to go on secondment?
Sara: I think new experiences are important, and coming to Stockholm for a secondment was a fair challenge after having spent a little over a year at the Helsinki office. I am also a native Swedish speaker, so working in Sweden and in a Swedish environment feels like a nice addition to my career.
Suvi-Tuuli: Even though assignments are similar to what I do in Helsinki, the change of scenery from Finland to Sweden has had a good impact on my motivation. I worked at the Stockholm office during the spring and felt like that was not enough time there since I liked it so much. That is why I decided to come back for the autumn to continue my secondment and work as part of the group in Stockholm.
Janna: I thought it was an exciting opportunity to come to Stockholm for a secondment. This opportunity meant I would be living in a new city and a new country. I have always been curious of life in Stockholm and what sets the two cities and countries apart.

What has been the greatest challenge so far?
Sara: Since I work in M&A, the assignments and processes are similar to Helsinki. All practical arrangements concerning accommodation and the likes were handled smoothly by HR. I think the greatest challenge has been getting involved in as many projects as possible during the short time of my stay and get as much out of the secondment as possible.
Suvi-Tuuli: Sure, conducting work and communicating in a language other than your native one can pose a challenge, but you soon get used to it and all you have to do is be brave and go all in. You should not be afraid of getting something wrong, because it is not a big deal.
Janna: The biggest challenge to me has been conducting my work in the Swedish language and getting used to the Swedish practices. Working in Swedish and speaking it was a challenge to me at first since it is not my native language, but I think I have learned a lot about the language and about the Swedish workplace culture, and there is more I want to learn before it is time to go back to Helsinki.

What is your best tip for secondments?
Sara: It is all about being open to the local workplace culture and being spontaneous and ready to dive into things you are not all that used to. I also think it is important to not set prejudice regarding how things “ought to be done” and instead be open to how business is conducted differently in different places. It is also important to get to know your colleagues!
Suvi-Tuuli: First and foremost, I challenge all my Finnish colleagues in Helsinki to come to Stockholm for a secondment. It is a unique opportunity to get to know your Swedish colleagues and bring new perspectives back home. Even though we are one firm, we tend to do things differently.
Janna: My best tip is to take any chance you get to come to Stockholm for a secondment!

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