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Three transaction lawyers

27 September 2018

We are now looking to hire associates, primarily with an interest in Public M&A, Private M&A and Finance & Restructuring. But what can you expect from working as an associate in these business areas? Carolina (Managing Associate, Finance), Marcus (Associate, M&A Public) and Jonas (Associate, M&A Private) explains.

What are the first tasks you get as an associate in your specific business area?
Carolina: As a newly hired associate in the Finance and Restructuring group, you get to spend time drafting corporate documents and security agreements. As time goes by and you get more experienced, you take part in the negotiation of transaction agreements (often 200-300 pages long). A vast number of documents is processed during a transaction, along with opposing counsel and with clients, and you quickly learn to split your focus efficiently. The goal is to have newly hired associates included in our projects as soon as possible to make them understand the importance of their input and for them to gain an understanding of both our projects and of our clients.
Marcus: Newly hired associates in the Public M&A group are often involved in general corporate law and capital market law matters. Typical assignments consist of drafting notices for annual general meetings, drafting parts of prospectuses, and conducting legal research. Working in this group means having to be familiar with a wide array of regulations.
Jonas: Being a newly hired associate in the Private M&A group, you get to work on many different kinds of assignments. Examples of these assignments are drafting non-disclosure agreements and conducting due diligence.

What is the best thing about working in your team?
Carolina: We have a very good team spirit, and although the work sometimes requires a lot of you, we always make sure to have fun and support each other.
Marcus: A lot of legal questions, fun assignments and nice people.
Jonas: The best thing about working in private M&A is that you get to work broadly and that you get to work close to clients, financial advisors and colleagues from other business groups.

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