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Trainee Memories

10 June 2019

Tomorrow we are hosting our annual Trainee Alumni Event which gathers our trainees from the previous years together. Since the weather forecast is looking good, we can quite safely say that the celebration will take place on our rooftop terrace overlooking Helsinki.

The upcoming alumni event inspired two of our alumni trainees and current lawyers, Laura Kotilainen and Panu Vikberg, to reminisce their own trainee periods at Hannes.

Laura worked as a trainee in Hannes Snellman’s Finance team in 2008. After her graduation, she worked as a lawyer in another law firm for several years before returning to Hannes Snellman’s Finance team in 2018.

“It was very pleasant and easy to return to Hannes because there were so many colleagues here that I knew from my days as a trainee, even though the firm had grown quite a lot in the past ten years. Some of the most memorable events that occurred during my traineeship include the establishing of Hannes Snellman’s Stockholm office and the beginning of the financial crisis. Our Helsinki office was also located at another location back then. Looking back, it is fun to reminisce about my experience as a trainee and to think about how different things were back then. On the other hand, the same atmosphere and sense of community have remained unchanged to this day.”

Panu worked as a trainee at Hannes Snellman in 2017 and 2018, and he has completed a total of three traineeships at Hannes. After his graduation, Panu started as a lawyer in our Real Estate team, where he had previously completed two traineeships as an associate trainee.

“The traineeships were naturally not only limited to interesting assignments and learning new things, but an equally (if not more) important part was the chance to work with amazing trainee colleagues with whom I got to share all the experiences that I encountered during my traineeship. It is wonderful that my trainee colleagues and I have not lost touch after our traineeship, and we have continued to stay in contact and share our experiences in both formal and informal meetings.”

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