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Caroline Sundberg and Itai Coleman as Lecturers in GDPR Seminar Series

19 February 2021

Over the course of this spring, our IP & Tech experts Caroline Sundberg and Itai Coleman will be organising a seminar series on different GDPR topics in collaboration with Sveriges Bolagsjurister. Seminars will be open to the members of the association. The topics to be discussed include recent developments with regard to the Schrems II decision and the transfer of personal data to third countries; GDPR and social media; cookies, GDPR, and cloud services; and how to handle employees' personal data.

Sveriges Bolagsjurister is an organisation whose main purpose is to provide a network for Swedish corporate and in-house lawyers. Sveriges Bolagsjurister wants to contribute in various ways to the exchange of professional experiences and discussions on common issues in the industry by creating a venue for corporate lawyers and by offering added value to its members in the form of seminar series, mentoring programmes, etc..

Through its membership in the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA), Sveriges Bolagsjurister also acts as an intermediary between the Swedish members and their colleagues in other European countries.

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