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Hannes Snellman to Partner with NBEN in the Launch of the Nordic Business Ethics Survey

10 September 2020

Hannes Snellman is proud to partner with NBEN in the launch of the second edition of the Nordic Business Ethics Survey. The survey, originating in 2019, looks into the employee perceptions of ethics at work. The aim of the survey is to advance the dialogue around ethical culture and ethical leadership in Nordic workplaces.

The survey will be launched in a live stream event on Thursday 1 October 2020. During the live stream, the founders of the Nordic Business Ethics Network, Anna Romberg and Niina Ratsula, will introduce the key results of the survey. The presentation will be followed by a keynote presentation by Andy Fastow, former CFO at Enron, who addresses the question of why ethical failures keep happening in organisations. Please find the programme of the live stream event and the registration instructions on NBEN’s website here.