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Piia Ahonen as a Lecturer at Kunnallisalan Kirjanpitohenkilöstö Ry’s Training

1 October 2020

Tomorrow, 2 October, Specialist Partner Piia Ahonen, of our Tax Team, will be speaking at a lecture which is a part of the series of training sessions entitled “Kirjanpidon ja laskentatoimen ajankohtaista”. In her lecture, Piia will be discussing some topical VAT issues, including the reform of the social and healthcare sector, school and day care PPP projects, and recent significant VAT case law from the perspective of municipalities.  

“We have an interesting training day ahead for all municipal operators! A lot is happening in the field of value added taxation in several fronts: on one hand, new VAT decisions related to daily operations and constructions projects are derived from the taxation practice, but on the other hand, a massive structural change is due to take place which will have an effect on the entire municipal field and as a result of which the VAT practices will have to be re-thought.”

”Kirjanpidon ja laskentatoimen ajankohtaista” is a series of training sessions organised by Kunnallisalan Kirjanpitohenkilöstö ry. The trainings are aimed at accountants and other specialists in the field of accounting who work in the public sector in Finland.