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Legal Update: Proposal Concerning the Amendments to the Finnish Wind Power Feed-in Tariff System Is Being Circulated for Comments

19 October 2016

The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is requesting comments on the proposal on the amendment of the Decree on Production Subsidy for Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources (Feed-In Tariff Decree). The proposal aims to specify the requirements for grid connection for a wind turbine to be eligible for feed-in tariff.

According to the proposal, the approval to the feed-in-tariff system would require that a wind power plant is connected to the grid when the approval application is submitted to the Energy Authority and the application must include reliable information on the continuous and uninterrupted construction scheme of the wind farm in question.

The proposed amendment would also clarify that in order to fulfil the criteria for grid connection, the wind power plant substation must be powered from the grid connection point to the main transformer. In addition, at least one of the wind turbine generators must be installed and have a powered grid connection within two months after the submission of the approval application.

Possible comments are requested to be submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment by 2 November. The effective date of the amendment is not defined in the proposal.

We will keep you updated, and we are happy to give you further information should you have any questions.

Rabbe Sittnikow

Elina Hautakangas

Klaus Metsä-Simola