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Partner Maria Wasastjerna Earns Doctor of Laws Degree

22 November 2019

Partner and co-head of our Competition practice in Finland, Maria Wasastjerna, has received a Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki upon the successful public defense of her doctoral dissertation. Maria’s research concerns the interplay between data, privacy, and competition law in the digital economy. Her doctoral dissertation was passed with distinction, a degree only given for pioneering dissertations of exceptional quality.

Maria conducted her doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki and was a visiting academic at the University of Oxford in 2018. Her monograph, entitled ”Competition, Data and Privacy in the Digital Age: Testing Conventional Boundaries and Expanding Horizons - Towards A Privacy Dimension in Competition Policy?”, addresses the interpretation of competition law and policy in the increasingly data-driven economy.

Maria Wasastjerna has extensive experience in competition law and regulatory matters. She advises Finnish and international companies on all aspects of competition law, specialising in regulatory legal and compliance matters, competition litigation, and M&A transactions. Maria is a regular speaker and lecturer at international conferences and seminars, and she has published several articles in the field of competition law.