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Piia Ahonen as Speaker at ST-Akatemia’s Arvonlisäverotusiltapäivä Webinar

16 October 2020

Specialist Partner, Attorney-at-Law Piia Ahonen, of our Tax Team, will be speaking at Arvonlisäverotusiltapäivä – syksyn kick off ajankohtaisiin alv-teemoihin, a webinar hosted by ST-Akatemia, on 22 October 2020. In the webinar, Piia will discuss recent case law in terms of VAT and discuss, among numerous other topics, the following:

  • Update on international trade
    • Latest legal praxis on fixed establishments, for example, how a subsidiary affects the formation of the fixed establishment of a parent company
    • Business-to-consumer trade in the EU; latest legal praxis
    • The new VAT rules of the B2C e-commerce effective as of 1 July 2021
    • Case law on export trade - what documentation is required in support of export sale
  • Real estate business - right of deduction, parking, charging electric cars, bankruptcy of the renter, guidelines given by the Finnish Tax Authority, recent case law
  • Recent legal praxis and guidelines given by the Finnish Tax Authority regarding healthcare and vouchers
  • Tax appeal processes: the use of extraordinary appeal processes, latest cases regarding procedural matters
  • Amendments to the VAT declaration – the renewal postponed by the Tax Authority
  • Latest legislative amendments and topics related to Covid-19
  • Proposed amendment to the minimum limit for low activity – the minimum limit to be raised to EUR 15,000.

Arvonlisäverotuksen iltapäivä is a webinar which sums up the most topical and important themes of the value added taxation and provides detailed information on the key changes to the VAT. For more information and for registration, please visit the website of Suomen Tilintarkastajat.