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Joakim Lavér and Frida Svensson’s Article in Inköpsrådet

9 December 2020

Partner Joakim Lavér and Associate Frida Svensson have written an article on the topic of public procurement published by Inköpsrådet. In the article, Joakim and Frida analyse a new ruling by the Administrative Court of Appeal in Sundsvall which applies to the exemption from publication of a contract notice due to extreme urgency and the possibility of allowing an agreement to stand as a result of considerations relating to public interest.

The circumstances invoked to justify extreme urgency cannot be attributable to the contracting authority. The exemption from publication due to extreme urgency therefore presupposes that the contracting authority has at least calculated the average processing time that at any given time applies in first instance. The nature, scope, and complexity of the procurement also need to be taken into account when planning a public procurement so that urgency that later arises cannot be attributed to the authority.

Read the full article here.