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Hannes Snellman Becomes a Supporting Member of Inklusiiv

4 June 2020

Hannes Snellman began co-operation with Inklusiiv as a supporting member at the beginning of 2020. Inklusiiv is a non-profit organisation with a mission to advance diversity and inclusion in working life.

Inclusivity and diversity are important for us and joining Inklusiiv provides a great platform to share best practices and learn from others. Co-operation with Inklusiiv also supports the ongoing initiatives we are already working on. We strongly believe that inclusivity and diversity foster employee well-being and make any culture and organisation stronger. They are, however, also topics that require constant attention and actions not only on organisational but also on societal level. The co-operation with Inklusiiv helps us to implement our strategic aspirations, and it will help us to get better at ensuring an inclusive and diverse working place for our people”, says Riikka Rannikko, Managing Partner in Helsinki.

Inklusiiv is building a global community bringing together individuals, companies, organisations, experts, decision-makers, and media.