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Hannes Snellman Counsel to Blueprint Genetics in its Sale to Quest Diagnostics

23 January 2020

Hannes Snellman acted as counsel to Blueprint Genetics and its owners in the sale of Blueprint Genetics’ entire share capital to Quest Diagnostics.

Blueprint Genetics is one of the fastest growing genetic diagnostics businesses globally in the field of clinical genetic testing of rare inherited diseases. Blueprint’s investors include Inventure, Pontos Group and Creathor Ventures.

Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, will together with Blueprint broaden access to actionable insights in genetic and rare diseases, improving patient care and pharmaceutical drug research and development.

Hannes Snellman’s core team comprised Sten Olsson, Olli-Pekka Veranen, Roosa Väre, Karoliina Kyläkoski and Johanna Haltia-Tapio.