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Proposed amendments to the Finnish feed-in-tariff system

29 May 2015

The Finnish Government has announced a strategic governance program for the next four years on 27 May 2015. According to the appendix of the governance program, the current feed-in-tariff system capacity has been planned to be reduced from 2500 MVA to approximately 2000 MVA. The government bill for amending the Act on Production Subsidy for  Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources (1396/2010) is planned to be given soon, possibly in the coming weeks.


Those wind power plants which have already been approved for the feed-in-tariff system or the ones which have already applied for a tariff quota decision, will be approved for the system. It is also stated on a very general level that the government will explore ways in which to support wind power in a cost efficient way. There is not information yet available on what this might mean in practice.


The statements made in the governance programme and its appendix are general policy statements and not as such legally binding. Therefore one cannot fully exclude the possibility that the government would reconsider such statements after having consulted with affected parties and received feedback on the issue. Based on our discussions with several parties involved in the Finnish power sector, in this case the amount of feedback will be significant.


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